Effortlessly enable speech conversations for human computer interaction. Customizable and deadly accurate, we offer the perfect voice interface for any application.

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Trusted by top companies across industries

Experience seamless, natural conversations.

Unparalleled Voice Intent Accuracy

Our voice interface ensures that users can communicate easily with your application - just like talking to a person.

Multilingual Support

Vectorized intents allow instant compatibility across languages.

Accessibility Focused

Create a more inclusive future with accessibility-focused voice interface software.

Increase User Engagement

Create a more immersive and engaging experience for your users with friendly and natural conversation options.

Access Anywhere

Our rapid cloud processing enables any internet-connected device with deadly accurate language understanding.

Seamlessly integrates with your workflow

Need to improve your product's user-computer interaction?
WakoAI seamlessly integrates into pre-existing applications.

True Intent Recognition

Tired of computer-generated conversations that feel pre-programmed, unnatural, and rigid? Tired of bandage solutions for natural conversation, such as push to talk?

Our in-house transformer controllers, ASRs, and software suite are crafted to truly understand speech, rather than just literal processing.

See how WakoAI can revolutionize your offerings today!


Milisecond Delay

Our lightning-fast processing times guarantee the most accurate speech intent match processing while ensuring stellar user experience.


Dimensional Vectors

Our in-house vectorization software allows your application to truly understand user intent, rather than simply matching words.

No matter how users phrase their command, it will automatically correct to the developer's intent.


Supported Languages

Our software mathematically processes speech, meaning multi-lingual capabilities comes default.

Even when multiple speakers speaking different languages are in the same room, our proprietary ASR will capture every word correctly.


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